The American Health Information Management Association [AHIMA] is proud to serve as the ANSI-delegated Secretariat to ISO/Technical Committee 215-Heath Informatics and as Administrator of the United States Technical Advisory Group (US TAG), the delegation representing the US to ISO/TC215.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. Working as a global federation, ISO brings together public and private sectors in nearly 200 countries to create consensus standards that provide business, government, and society with practical tools for economic, environmental, and social development. To date, over 19,000 ISO standards represent the work of more than 260 technical committees (TCs) in manufacturing, technology, security, pharmaceuticals, and many more, including health informatics. Global health informatics standards are developed under ISO/TC215-Health informatics, for which AHIMA serves as delegated Secretariat. To date, ISO/TC215 has developed over 100 Health informatics standards which are available for purchase via the ISO website or the ANSI eStandards Store.

About ISO/Technical Committee [TC] 215-Health Informatics

Established in 1998, ISO/TC215 has expanded its composition and influence, currently representing more than 30 Participating voting member countries [P-members], 23 Observing member countries [O-members], and 22 Liaison organizations. The mission of ISO/TC215 is to improve compatibility and interoperability between EHRs, PHRs, medical devices, and other products and technologies. ISO/TC215 focuses on standardization in the field of health informatics, to facilitate the coherent and consistent interchange and use of health-related data, information, and knowledge to support and enable all aspects of the health system, with specific focus on:

  1. Healthcare delivery
  2. Disease prevention and wellness promotion
  3. Public health and surveillance
  4. Clinical research related to health service

ISO/TC215 Working Groups (WGs) and Joint Working Groups (JWGs)

  • WG 1 Architecture, frameworks and models
  • WG 2 Systems and Device Interoperability
  • WG 3 Semantic Content
  • WG 4 Security, Safety, &Privacy
  • WG 6 Pharmacy and Medicines Business
  • JWG 1 Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly with ISO/TC246
  • JWG 7 Application of riskmanagement for IT-networks incorporating medical devices - jointly with IEC/SC62

About the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) to ISO/TC215

The U.S. participates in ISO through the U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (US TAGs).  US TAGs formulate positions and proposals on behalf of the United States with response to ISO standardization activities and provide the delegates and experts who represent the U.S. at meetings of the respective international ISO Technical Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups. ANSI has designated AHIMA as sponsor and Secretariat of the US Technical Advisory Group for ISO/TC215. 
The US TAG for ISO/TC215 casts the United States vote on all international health informatics standards and names experts to various working groups within subcommittees of ISO/TC215 ensuring that U.S. interests are considered in the development of international health informatics standards.
Join us!  Opportunities for participation in the US TAG are a bit different from participation in ISO Technical Committee Working Groups in that TAGs accept membership applications from interested organizations that meet membership requirements.

US TAG members represent a wide range of stakeholder communities including providers, government agencies, standards development organizations, associations, vendors and individuals to help inform, develop, and support the work of the US delegation to ISO/TC215. US Government members include The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), provider members include Kaiser Permanente, and vendor members include Siemens and GE Healthcare. Membership and dues run on an annual calendar cycle [January-December]. To learn more contact

AHIMA has an exciting vision to support and grow the impact of ISO/TC215 and the US TAG, but we can’t do it alone - healthcare is a global community and ISO/TC215 and its US TAG exist because of supporters and volunteers who donate their valuable resources – people, money and time – to help make the vision of standards-based connected healthcare real. 
Consider joining us – download the US TAG to ISO/TC215 membership application or click on the MEMBERSHIP link (above) to fill out the online application or contact for more information.